Ellender Malinda Rich Cannon

Ellender Malinda Rich was born February 23, 1826, in Georgia. Her parents were William Dyson Rich, Sr., and Rebecca Tate. Ellender Malinda  married John Milton Cannon in 1846. Their eight children (Hulda, Mary Elizabeth, William Columbus, James Franklin, Deliza Adeline, John Albert, Martha Emiline, and Thomas Jefferson) were born between 1847 and 1862 in Georgia where John was a farmer near Calhoun or Sonora in Gordon County. After  the Civil war, John didnít return home. His last letter home was dated May 1, 1864. No definite word about his fate was heard, but rumor had it that he had last been seen by his fellow soldiers propped up against a tree feeling ill and unable to keep up with the march. It was over a century before his descendants discovered the records of his capture by Union forces and his subsequent death in a Yankee prison in January, 1865, at Camp Morton, Indianapolis, Indiana. Ellender Malinda was left to care for her family. She sold her property and headed to Texas with her eight children,  They were in Smith County in 1870; some stayed in that area while others moved to other parts of Texas, Arkansas, and New Mexico. Ellender Malinda died February 22, 1891, in Jones County, Texas, and is buried in Spring Creek Cemetery near Avoca, Texas.

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