William A. Powell


William Allen “Tip” Powell was born June 15, 1845, in Gordon County, Georgia. His parents were William M. Powell and his wife Mary. It is speculated that William M. Powell was the brother of Elizabeth Powell Cannon (Mrs. Russel Cannon), the mother of John Milton Cannon.
When he was 16 years old, Tip left home with his father with the intent to enlist in the 8th Battalion Georgia Infantry, CSA, but he was sent back home because of his youth. In 1869-1870 Tip and his brother George Washington Powell decided to try their luck on the Texas frontier. The two young men settled in Anderson County, Texas, and began farming. Tip married Martha Elizabeth Watts. The couple had nine children—James Hill, 1872; Horace Boyd, 1874; Robert Lee, 1876; Nancy Dane, 1878; Prudence Lou Tish, 1879; Catherine, 1880; Dasie Bell, 1881; Ora Idella, 1883; and Walter Cameron, 1886.William Allen Powell lived to be only 55, dying on December 13, 1900; he was buried in Muse Cemetery near Slocum, Anderson County, Texas. Martha Watts Powell lived until 1939 and was buried beside her late husband.


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