John Milton Cannon

Ellender Malinda Rich Cannon

Hulda Cannon Crone

Mary Elizabeth Cannon Goodman

William Columbus Cannon

James Franklin Cannon

Deliza Adeline Cannon Lechner

John Albert Cannon

Martha Emiline Cannon Gillespie

Thomas Jefferson Cannon

James Wiley Cannon

James Dyson Rich

William Russell Rich

William A. Powell


   This website is dedicated to the family of John Milton Cannon and Ellender Malinda Rich Cannon of Gordon County, Georgia.

   Some of their letters from the U. S. Civil War era have been preserved, and these letters give this family's views of those troubled times. There are also letters involving other members of this extended family, including the Rich and Powell families. In addition to family members, there are mentions of friends, business associates, and military men.

   The original letters were photocopied about 1970, and these copies have been scanned for display on this website. The letters have been transcribed with the original spellings and grammar, and "translated" versions have also been prepared for ease of reading. Some letters have explanatory footnotes. There are plans for more background information about the family, their ancestry, and the events of the times.

                       -Joe Cannon

Letters from John Milton Cannon (30)

Letters from Ellender Malinda Rich Cannon (5)

Other Civil War era letters of the Cannon-Powell-Rich families (7)

All letters chronologically listed (42)

Excerpts From Missing Letters (3)

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Cannon Civil War Letters

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