Mar. 1, 1863. J.M. Cannon to Malinda Cannon

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J. M. Cannonís letter of March 1, 1863


        South Carolina Sessionville

                          this the 1 day of

march 1863 My Dear wife i am

blest with a nother opertunity of

Riting to you in forming you

that i am well at this time

hoping that those few lines may

Com safe to your handes and find

you all in Joyen the same blesing

i havent eny thing new to Rit to

you at this time i thought when

i Rot to you bee fore that the yank

es wold hav had us all whipt out

bee fore now but i dont see eny more

sine of a fight now than when i

first com to this place last sunday

was the day they loud to giv us a fight

i dont think they will ever try us

hear at this place we air fixt up too

well for them ther is a heep of men

hear that thinkes peace will bee mad

in too or three monthes and i hope

that they air right for i want to

Com home hit seemes like i hav bin

Gon from home twelv monthes or

more you wanted mee to send you


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som salt and som sodia as

soon as i Can git to go to the sity

i will send you som i will send you

three busheles and you Can let mist

er mosley hav one bushel of hit at

Cost i will Rit to you what hit

cost mee to git hit home when i git

hit i got the box you set to mee i got

hit on tusday last and i tell you that

i was proud to see hit them petatoes

pies went mity well with mee

this eavning i am a goien to eat my

walnuts you Can tell what i am doo

ing to day and i wold lov to no what

you was all do ing to day you must

rit soon and tell mee all the newuse

that you hav and how you air all giting

along you mus rit whether you got

them things that i sent home or not

the helth is mity good hear now i

would lov to bee with you all this

eavning but we air so fur apart we

Cant hav that in Joy ment now but

i hop we will see each oth soon but

if we dont i want us all to liv so as

to meet in heven irmaines your loving

husband untel Deth  J. M. Cannon

                       Malinda Cannon




Secessionville, South Carolina                                

           This the 1st day of March, 1863


My dear wife,

I am blest with another opportunity of writing to you informing you that I am well at this time, hoping that those few lines may come safe to your hands and find you all enjoying the same blessing. I havenít anything new to write to you at this time. I thought when I wrote to you before that the Yankees would have had us all whipped out before now, but I donít see any more sign of a fight now than when I first come to this place. Last Sunday was the day they allowed to give us a fight. I donít think they will ever try us here at this place. We are fixed up too well for them. There is a heap of men here that thinks peace will be made in two or three months, and I hope they are right, for I want to come home. It seems like I have been gone from home twelve months or more. You wanted me to send you some salt and some soda. As soon as I can get to the city, I will send you some. I will send you three bushels, and you can let Mr. Mosley have one bushel of it at cost. I will write to you what it cost me to get it home when I get it. I got the box you sent to me. I got it on Tuesday last, and I tell you that I was proud to see it. Them potato pies went mighty well with me. This evening I am a-going to eat my walnuts. You can tell what I am doing today, and I would love to know what you was all doing today. You must write soon and tell me all the news that you have and how you are all getting along. You must write whether you got them things that  I sent home or not. The health is mighty good here now. I would love to be with you all this evening, but we are so far apart we canít have that enjoyment now. But I hope we will see each other soon, but if we donít, I want us to all live so as to meet in heaven. I remains your loving husband until death.

                                        J. M. Cannon

                                 [to] Malinda Cannon



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