Oct. 7, 1863. J.M. Cannon to Malinda Cannon

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                    Oct the 7the 1863

  Camp near chatnooga   Tennessee

Dear wife hit is through the good

nis of god that I am per mited to

Rit to you again those few lines

will in form you how I am git a

long I am git along tolerble

well at this time my helth is

improven a rit smart and I hope

when those few lines comes to

hand they may find you and the

Children all in joyen the best

of helth I am vary sory to in form

you that I Cant git to Com back

home my papears all Com back

Disaprovd we air not doing eny

thing up hear now onley lying

around hear watching the yankes

we air all in Sight of each other

I want you to Rit soon as you git

this I doo want to hear from  you

as bad as I ever did I want you

to Continue to pray for mee

that I ma liv to see the end of

this war and git home a gain

I must Close for this

time so nothing more at this

time onley I remain your loving

hus band tel Deth


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          J. M. Cannon To

                        Malinda Cannon




October the 7th, 1863

Camp near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dear wife,

It is through the goodness of God that I am permitted to write to you again.  These few lines will inform you how I am getting along.  I am getting along tolerable well at this time.  My health is improving a right smart, and I hope when those few lines comes to hand, they may find you and the children all enjoying the best of health.  I am very sorry to inform you that I can’t get to come back home.  My papers all come back disapproved.  We are not doing anything up here now, only lying around here watching the Yankees.  We are all in sight of each other. I want you to write soon as you get this.  I do want to hear from you as bad as I ever did.  I want you to continue to pray for me that I am live to see the end of this war and get home again.  I must close for this time.  So nothing more at this time, only I remain your loving husband ‘til death.


            J. M. Cannon To

                        Malinda Cannon



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