Nov. 2, 1863. J.M. Cannon to Malinda Cannon

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                        November the 2th 1863

Camp near chattnooga tennessee

Dear wife hit is through the

blesinges of heven that I

Am permited to rit you a

few more lines to let you

no how I am git along I

am not vary well at this

time but I keep goinge about

I hop those few lines my

Com safe to your kind hand

in du time and find you

all injoyen the best of helt

I hav nothing strang to

Communicat to you at

this time onley we hav

to moov evry sunday to som

new place we Cant git to

stay long anuff at one place

to get fixt so as we Can

shelter our selves eny and hit

raines hear evry uther day


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nearley and the water runes

under us evry night mother

I want you to kight mee a

good Cumfret againt I git to

Com home I think I will

git to Com home bee fore long

hit dos looke like I shall

hav to Com soon for I Cant

stand hit much longer I

want to see you worse than

I ever did I think I Cant hear

from you this is six leters

that I hav riten to you and I

hav never goten but one from

you yet and I do want to hear

how you air all git along and

how all the thinges is doing

they air burning hear to day

and they do burn evry day we

air all Close to gether hear now

I say no more at this time

J. M. Cannon.  Malinda Cannon

  J. M. Cannon   Malinda Cannon




                                  November the 2nd, 1863

Camp near Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dear wife,

It is through the blessings of heaven that I am permitted to write you a few more lines to let you know how I am getting along.  I am not very well at this time, but I keep going about.  I hope those few lines may come safe to your kind hand in due time and find you all enjoying the best of health.  I have nothing strange to communicate to you at this time, only we have to move every Sunday to some new place.  We canít get to stay long enough at one place to get fixed so as we can shelter ourselves any, and it rains here every other day nearly, and the water runs under us every night.  Mother, I want you to kite me a good comfort against it [until] I get to come home.  I think I will get to come before long.  It does look like I shall have to come soon, for I canít stand it much longer.  I want to see you worse than I ever did.  I think I canít hear from you.  This is six letters that I have written to you, and I have never gotten but one from you yet, and I do want to hear how you are all getting along and how all the things is doing.  They are burning here today, and they do burn every day.  We are all close together here now.  I say no more at this time.

J. M. Cannon [to] Malinda Cannon




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