Dec. 12, 1862. J. M. Cannon to Malinda Cannon

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    Charlston SC      December 12/62

    My Der Wife hit is with pleser that i

seet my self to drop you a fue lines to let

you now that i am well and very well satfied

so for and i truly hope when thos fue lines

com to han tha ma find you all well i

haint got nuthing of in trust to comunicate

to you at this time only times is hard her

but not as hard as i expect to find them evry

thaing is scarce and hie here i haf got my

gun now and i am reddy for the yankny at

inny tim that tha ma com and we haf

drawed uniform we ar fix up for the bisness

i wold have rot sooner but i wanted to nock a

bout and see all that i cold see be for i

rote i haf bin over the iland and seed all

of the forts hit looks like hit is out

of reason for the yankes to take this

plase her for we ar so well fix her for

fighting i dont thaink that hit will

do thim inny good to try hit the boyes is

all in good hart hear and i want you to do the

best you can non of us Cold not git off

they all had to say we hav plenty bred and

 rice and beaf and suger to sweeten our tea i wat

you to take Cear of all the thing i want

you all to bee good Children and mind your

mother tell i Com back



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Yew must rite to mee whether

. . .  has mad your shair or not

so i must come to a close yew

must rite as soon as yew get this

and tell mee all the news out there

so nothing more at present only

i remain your true Husband

    until Deathe    From


       J M Cannon    To


       Malida Cannon


Direct your letters this way


 J M Cannon  Charleston

   SC   in ceare of captin

  Sexton the 8 Ga Battallion


Tell Mr Mosley that i cant

get no hid now and tell him

that he must rite to mee how

he is a geting a long with

his leather so no more




Charleston, S. C.                                                                       December 12/62

My dear wife, it is with pleasure that I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am well and very well satisfied so far, and I truly hope when those few lines come to hand they may find you all well. I ainít got nothing of interest to communicate to you at this time, only times is hard here but not as hard as I expect to find them. Everything is scarce and high here. I have got my gun now[1] and am ready for the Yankees at any time that they may come, and we have drawn uniform. We are fixed up for the business. I would have wrote sooner, but I wanted to know about and see all that I could before I wrote. I have been over the island and seen all of the forts. It looks like it is out of reason for the Yankees to take this place here, for we are so well fix here for fighting. I donít think it will do them any good to try it. The boys is all in good heart here, and I want you to do the best you can. None of us could not get off. They all had to stay. We have plenty bread and rice and beef and sugar to sweeten our tea. I want you to take care of all things. I want you all to be good children and mind your mother Ďtil I come back. You must write to me whether . . . has made your share or not. So I must come to a close. You must write as soon as you get this and tell me all the news out there. So nothing more at present only I remain your true husband until death.

From J.M. Cannon

To Malinda Cannon


Direct your letters this way:

J. M. Cannon

Charleston, S. C.

In care of Captain Sexton (2)

The 8 Ga. Battalion


Tell Mr. Mosely[3] that I canít get no hide now and tell him that he must write to me how he is getting along with his leather.  So no more.



[1]Georgiaís Governor Joe Brown maintained that state-issued guns could not be taken out of Georgia.  As a result, many of the Georgiaís companies marched off to battle without weapons or with only their personal rifle-muskets.


[2] Captain M. Y. Sexton, Company B, 8th Battalion, Georgia Infantry


[3] Mr. Mosely/Mosley was the partner of John Milton Cannon in a tannery business.



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